Fall is here!

Fall is here!  Leaves are changing…this isn’t the most colorful year for our leaves, but beauty nonetheless abounds.

Fall in the Mountains

This is my ninth season here as a transplanted local.  I never tire of it.  Of all four seasons, fall is my favorite.  Perhaps because where I grew up, fall simply meant that, unless it was evergreen, it turned brown and that temperatures would generally stay below 90.  It sounds terrible, I know; there are things I miss from Louisiana, but this is home now.  I didn’t grow to love it; it was love at first sight.  It was where I was meant to be.  It helps to define me.  I love a warm drink on my deck, wrapped in a quilt, looking out over the water.  The crisp air puts a snap in my step (at least as much snap as an old lady can take) as I walk down to the pasture.  The cows come to the fence to be petted.  Yep, even the farm animals somehow seem more genteel in the fall wearing their fuzzy coats in place of shiny summer fur.  The streams seem to babble a little differently.  The deer, bear, and rabbits have been frequenting my yard.  My canine kids snuggle down for naps curled up rather than spread out like seven days wash.  My kitchen even exudes fall with the smells of black walnut cake, caramel apple pie, and warm buttermilk biscuits dripping with pear honey.  It is, perhaps, nature’s way of telling us that winter is around the corner, that we should enjoy this fleeting time, this tapestry woven by nature.

It is the wish of all of us at the Carolina Cone Team that you, too, enjoy this fall.  Whether at a boisterous fall festival or on a quiet path in the woods, take a few minutes to relish where we are and how blessed we are to be here.  If you are visiting, welcome.  If you don’t like the idea of leaving, call us.  We can help you find a place of your own.  Then you can see for yourself all the seasons, and after a year or two, decide if fall is your choice for favorite.

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