Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday morning, as I sat having a cup of coffee with my husband, he interrupted my reverie by asking, “Hey, are you alright?  You look a million miles away.  What were you thinking?”  I replied that I was counting my blessings, and that in doing so I realized that I wasn’t sure I could count that high.

I was recounting that story in the office today, and “the girls” all said what a wonderful thing to have so many blessings.  Yes, it is indeed!  However, I didn’t always recognize them.  I started some time ago making a point to see each and every one, and noticed that more often than not, the little ones were the ones that saw me through the trials of life.  They are the ones that I was so inclined to take for granted.

Our hope at the Carolina Cone Team is that, as this holiday season begins in earnest, each of you notices all the blessings around you, including this beautiful area we call home.  To those of you that have become a part of our CCT family, thank you for being a blessing to us by allowing us to assist in your real estate needs.

To everyone reading this, please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  And take a minute to count your numerous blessings.


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